6 Reasons Why Healthcare Workers Should Learn Project Management


November 3, 2023

Are you ready to take your healthcare workforce to the next level?

In recent years, the demand for project management skills has soared across various industries. While project management has traditionally been associated with fields like construction and IT, it has become increasingly important for healthcare workers to develop this skill set as well.

Here’s why:


1. The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving

As the population ages, demand for new medical technologies increases and more people live longer with chronic illnesses. This means there are more opportunities than ever before to improve patient outcomes, and the demand for healthcare workers will inevitably increase.

Healthcare is also becoming increasingly high-tech, with new technologies like telemedicine, artificial intelligence and wearable devices. Who better to design and manage the consistent implementation of new tools and technologies than the people who are on the frontlines of healthcare and understand the unique challenges and use-cases.

2. Boost efficiency and performance

Did you know that healthcare organizations that prioritize project management see a 33% increase in project success rates?

That’s right, by equipping your healthcare workforce with project management skills, you can supercharge their efficiency and performance, while creating consistency and reducing risk and errors, and save on time and financial cost.

From optimizing resource allocation to streamlining processes, project management empowers your team to work smarter, not harder.


3. Drive collaboration on cross-functional projects

Effective collaboration is essential for healthcare organizations to thrive. Project management skills enable professionals to foster a culture of collaboration among different departments and disciplines. By embracing project management methodologies, you can enhance communication, encourage cross-functional synergy, and promote teamwork that leads to improved patient outcomes.

Most importantly, effective project management ensures that all departments are aligned on timing, project scope and cost, and every task will have a team member assigned, improving tracking and accountability.


4. Master time-management skills and meet deadlines

Time-management is a key challenge in every industry. But it’s especially important in healthcare, where every second counts and your priorities are constantly changing.

According to industry research, organizations that implement project management strategies experience a 37% improvement in meeting project deadlines.

With project management skills, you can empower your healthcare workforce to prioritize tasks, understand which tasks have dependencies, and track areas of the project that are at risk. This leads to smoother operations and better patient care.


5. Manage for risks and ensure quality control

Project management brings robust risk management and quality control methodologies to the table. By incorporating these principles, you can proactively identify and mitigate risks, optimize quality control processes, and enhance patient satisfaction and trust – all while saving your organization time and money.


6. Improve employee retention

One of the most common challenges in healthcare is retaining quality employees. Project management can help your organization retain top talent by improving employee satisfaction and engagement, as well as increasing their knowledge and skills through formal training programs.

Investing in your workforce through ongoing training is a perk that gives back to the employee as well as your organization. Plus, better retention rates boost morale and alleviate the strain on your workforce that’s created by prolonged vacancies and training new hires.


Ready to explore project management for healthcare professionals? We have multiple skills-verified courses and learning pathways for that.

Note: For healthcare organizations investigating bulk learning purchases, please reach out to our Workforce Consultants for business bundles and pricing.

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