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Ontario’s workforce is undergoing a digital transformation defined by the ongoing introduction of emerging skills and the need for regular reskilling. TALENT is your partner in managing the system of current and future employees, ensuring that your high demand skills needs are effectively signalled, developed and articulated.


The Learner

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TALENT provides industry-approved skills development opportunities to students, alumni, and working professionals, shaping job readiness for the high-growth digital careers of tomorrow.


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By equipping professionals with in-demand job skills, and ensuring employers know exactly where to find them, TALENT closes the gap between qualified candidates and Canada’s key economic sectors.

The Employer

TALENT’s global network of employers benefits from a steady supply of industry-ready professionals, allowing them to fill their talent pool and meet the evolving skills needs of tomorrow.

How do Talent’s Microcredentials differ?


TALENT's microcredentials are designed in collaboration with leading technology partners and employers to provide experiential skills development opportunities that focus on both technical and human skills that are in high demand.


In addition to skills development at their own pace with self-directed courses, TALENT customers can take advantage of live webinars and masterclasses to complement their learning experience.


Central to the TALENT approach is providing customers the ability to articulate, or showcase, their skills. By creating artifacts that meet industry requirements, learners can more effectively signal their job readiness to employers.


Instead of bundling courses as part of a larger certificate, TALENT allows customers to focus only on the specific courses they need. It’s a value-minded approach that allows customers to tailor their experience.


Wherever possible, TALENT’s skills and courses are purpose-built to align with industry certifications, preparing customers for the next step in their development process.


Upon successful completion of a TALENT microcredential, customers are awarded a digital badge that can be added to any digital portfolio or platform to articulate the skills acquired.

Microcredentials: At a Glance

of Canadian employers feel that microcredentials would increase their confidence in a prospective employee’s skills
of Canadian employers say that microcredentials could faciliate employee retention
of working age Canadians say upskilling and continual education will be important for “future-proofing” their careers

Industries Seeking This Skill


Connect with qualified professionals with skills geared towards a range of energy sector roles, including nuclear, solar, wind, natural gas, and hydro-electric.

Advanced Manufacturing

Fill your talent pool with recent graduates and reskilled professionals eager to enter Ontario’s growing advanced manufacturing sector.


More candidates than ever are flocking towards careers in healthcare. TALENT connects you with skilled professionals ready to embrace the challenge of making a difference in a healthcare setting.

Job Market

Close the skills gap by connecting with certified professionals at all stages of their career. TALENT ensures that you find qualified candidates for the digital jobs of the future.

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