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Explore key economic sectors, new career pathways, and employment prospects at all levels.

Skills Development

Transform your career with emerging skills, industry-verified microcredentials, and an ecosystem of connected learners.

What Talent

A bold new approach to identifying high demand and emerging skills, opportunities for learners to remain job-ready through lifelong learning, and the tools needed to articulate job readiness to prospective employers.

The Learner

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TALENT provides industry-approved skills development opportunities to students, alumni, and working professionals, shaping job readiness for the high-growth digital careers of tomorrow.


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By equipping professionals with in-demand job skills, and ensuring employers know exactly where to find them, TALENT closes the gap between qualified candidates and Canada’s key economic sectors.

The Employer

TALENT’s global network of employers benefits from a steady supply of industry-ready professionals, allowing them to fill their talent pools and meet the evolving skills needs of tomorrow.

Let's Close The Skills Gap

In Canada, there is a gap between the large numbers of post-secondary graduates, their respective training, and the needs of real-world employers. TALENT’s mission is to close this gap by better preparing the workforce for future opportunities, and by better supporting employers to communicate their needs and connect with skilled professionals.

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Ontario Chamber of Commerce members cited finding someone with the proper qualifications is their top challenge.
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small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) identified skills shortages as a major competitive challenge.
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employers say skills requirements will increase over the next decade.
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annual GDP is foregone because of skills shortages in Ontario

// Master The Skills That Matter

Learners are always in high demand. Whether you’re a student weighing your career options, or a professional reimagining your career path, TALENT works with industry experts to help you identify the skills you need and master them in the way you want.

// Be Industry Ready

Build the skills today for the industries of tomorrow.
Canada’s labour force is undergoing a digital transformation while also recovering from a pandemic-induced economic slowdown. In these extraordinary times, the opportunities to innovate, grow, and prepare for the high-growth jobs of tomorrow are endless.
Solar, wind, natural gas, nuclear, bioenergy, and hydro-electric. Ontario’s energy industry is powered by the planet and filled with potential.
From automotive design to large-scale processing plants, Ontario is home to some of the world’s most cutting-edge advanced manufacturing opportunities.
The pandemic has put a spotlight on the essential role that healthcare plays in society. Challenging, rewarding, and always in high demand, careers in healthcare are second to none.

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