Managing Resistance to Change

Who is this for?

Nurses and other healthcare professionals who have little to no experience in project management, however grow into project manager tasks and roles.


In this skills-verified course, you will use a case study to explore why resistance from staff occurs, and practice a strategic way to deal with resistance using the Kotter and Schlesinger 6 Approaches model.


Explore more healthcare planning skills-verified courses in our program pathway: Healthcare Project Change Management.



Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Why Individuals Resist Change

Levels of Resistance

Gathering Information

Kotter and Schlesinger Strategies

Module 3: Final Graded Activity

Learner Benefits

Create an engagement plan
Apply the Kotter and Schlesinger 6 Approaches model to design a staff engagement plan
Determine best approaches for various type of resistance
Engage leadership to support the change

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the skills-verified course start?

    Self-paced and hybrid courses start on the day you receive your log-in (typically 48 hours after registration).
  • How much time is required of me?

    These skills-verified courses typically require between 5-7 hours in length.
  • How am I evaluated?

    There are a few different graded activities and a final graded activity that will be marked.
  • Will this skills-verified course get me a job?

    They are a great way to differentiate yourself when searching for a job. The digital badge can be added to social platforms and resumes to demonstrate your skills. TALENT works closely with learners to guide and advise on learner's career journeys.

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