May 13, 2023

May 13, 2023- We are proud to announce that our rapidly growing workforce planning and development business is also expanding its Board of Directors with the addition of three new inspirational leaders.

Please join us in welcoming:

  • Catherine Yang, Managing Partner & Chief Digital Officer, You Shan Capital
  • Kevin Reid-Morris, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Readmore Ventures Inc.
  • Ramy Nassar, Founder & Managing Partner, 1000 Days Out

Our three new Board Directors bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and diverse skills to the table and we are thrilled to have them join us on our journey. They are already playing an integral role in shaping TALENT’s strategy and guiding us to achieve our vision, while contributing to our growth.

“We are at a major milestone in TALENT’s story; the expansion of our Board is intentional as we finalize our 2023-2026 Strategic Plan which will propel us forward from traction through transition to growth. Combining the skills and experience of our existing Board members with our new will ensure we are positioned not only to compete, but to win as we advance on our vision of a lifetime of meaningful employment for all.” Rachel Sumner, CEO, TALENT

“Given the level of workforce transition currently taking place in Canada and globally, these additions to our Board signal TALENT’s overall leadership and desire to go above and beyond in promoting the incredible re-skilling and upskilling opportunities available in our integrated economies. The trajectory of TALENT is unquestionably meteoric.”

Dr. Steven Murphy, Board Chair, TALENT and President & Vice-Chancellor, Ontario Tech University

Learn more about our Board of Directors here.


TALENT is committed to ensuring a lifetime of meaningful employment for all by becoming the preferred workforce planning and development partner of organizations experiencing digital transformation.

Leveraging workforce planning data, we target our employer partners’ critical talent shortages and skills gaps using rapid cycle training (known as microcredentials) to attract diverse, new talent while also reskilling and upskilling their existing workforce to improve employee engagement and retention. 

We rapidly and efficiently build the capacity and capability of our partners’ workforce, competency by competency.

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