February 1, 2023

February 1, 2023 – OSHAWA, ON – Scale Without Borders, and Ontario Tech TALENT Inc. (TALENT™), a workforce planning and development organization affiliated with Ontario Tech University, are proud to announce their partnership intended to enable newcomer and immigrant tech talent to accelerate their entry into meaningful employment in Canada. Funded by Venture 2 Impact, who are committed to developing a better understanding of the human experience of employers and immigrant talent when it comes to finding each other, offering a job, and retention of the talent over a long period of time, this innovative initiative is intended to demonstrate how microcredentialing and wrap around supports, informed by employer needs, can have a significant impact on closing the tech talent shortage.

One of the most significant barriers to newcomers and immigrants securing meaningful employment in Canada are Canadian employers recognizing and valuing international credentials and/or skills and competency developed outside of the country. As a result, employers lack the confidence and ability to make effective, data driven hiring decisions, particularly when skills and competencies are not captured through a traditional academic credential that can be verified through existing, trusted credential evaluation services.

However, the opportunity to verify skills and competency is one of the key attributes of rapid cycle training products known as microcredentials. As part of a broader initiative in partnership with Venture 2 Impact funded by the World Education Services, Scale Without Borders is collaborating with TALENT to enable 60 newcomers and immigrants to have their skills and competencies in high demand tech skills verified through TALENT’s microcredentials so that Canadian employers can be assured that these individuals are verifiably job ready to enter the Canadian workforce.

“Newcomers and immigrants who have experience and qualifications from other countries don’t necessarily need another degree, a time-consuming program, or an expensive credential. A lot of the time, they need a high impact sprint course, the right network, and access to job opportunities. And that’s what we’re offering to 60 newcomers and immigrants in tech, for free, in partnership with key players Venture 2 Impact, World Education Services, and Ontario Tech Talent.” commented Nouhailia Chelkhaoui, Founder & CEO of Scale Without Borders.

“As an immigrant to Canada myself, I am very aware of the issues both I and other immigrants face in securing employment that is commensurate with our skills and experience. Given the scale of talent shortages being faced in Canada right now combined with the numbers expected to retire from the Canadian workforce in the next decade (over 20% according to StatsCan) we have to find new ways to ensure newcomer and immigrant talent get to work quickly and are able to secure meaningful jobs that ensure both they and Canada benefit. We are excited to demonstrate through this innovative partnership how our microcredentials can deliver exactly that.” said Rachel Sumner, Chief Executive Officer of TALENT™.

About Scale without Borders
Scale Without Borders (SWB) is an immigrant-led startup that helps newcomers find tech jobs and employers find brilliant immigrant tech talent. SWB is building a tech ecosystem where newcomers can find access to resources including exclusive tech events, free tech training programs, and connections to job opportunities. SWB has already helped thousands of newcomers access the resources in tech. It has been widely featured in media including Toronto Star, Betakit, BayStreet Bull, among others. Find out more at

About Venture 2 Impact

Venture 2 Impact uses design thinking and human centered design to solve complex challenges by linking global communities to skilled volunteers. We leverage untapped skills to create lasting impact. Through education, economic development, and empowerment projects, we work to equip NGOs, participants, and volunteers with skills, resources, and knowledge to advance gender equity, economic opportunity, and well-being.

About Ontario Tech Talent (TALENT™)
TALENT™ is bold, connected, and empowered to meet global digital transformation head on. As an ecosystem of learners and employers, we are building resiliency into key economic sectors, enabling organizations to evolve and individuals to thrive. We are transforming together and for the future, in step with emerging needs and for a lifetime of meaningful employment for all. Find out more at 

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Rachel Sumner
Chief Executive Officer

Nouhaila Chelkhaoui
Scale without Borders

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