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TALENT is on a mission to reimagine the future of work in Canada. Our strategic plan aims to grow the skilled workforce through the development of skills intelligence, delivery of innovative workforce training, and facilitation of industry-wide cross-collaboration opportunities. 

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Where we started

TALENT was created in 2020 as a subsidiary of Ontario Tech University. Within a few short years, we’ve grown our team and our impact, with an initial focus on addressing the critical talent shortages and skills gaps in the Energy and Healthcare sectors.


To date, we’ve impacted 4,500+ learners and created 20+ digital learning solutions, with ambitious goals to reach 15,000+ learners by 2026.

The state of the labour market

It’s no secret that the future of work is changing and access to diverse, job-ready talent is a limiting factor for Canada’s economic growth. Employers are facing challenges with recruiting and retaining talent, the employee-employer relationship has evolved, and accelerated digital transformation has created a noticeable skills gap. 


To date, this challenge has mostly been met with reactive solutions, which can take years to implement. Our plan is to close the loop through our data-driven and future-focused approach.

Our strategic plan

By 2026, we will be Canada’s leading skills intelligence organization, working with employers in regulated industries to transform their workforce. Our Skills-First Workforce Transformation approach is focused on three interconnected opportunities, creating a feedback loop designed to:



  1. Put critical skills intelligence data in front of the workforce, employers, regulators, unions, and partners
  2. Lead innovation through real-time, human-centred ‘test and learn’ projects to ensure we’re designing impactful solutions 
  3. Create accessible and affordable end-user products in the form of saleable and scalable training to grow the pipeline of job-ready talent and upskill the existing workforce

The information gathered through this process will feed back into our skills intelligence, as we continually evolve our offerings to reflect the changing-demands of the labour market. Most importantly, our learning solutions are quick to complete and competency-based, meaning employees and employers start seeing the meaningful impact of our training programs much sooner than traditional training.


What this means for employers and partners: 


  • Improved retention and employee engagement 
  • Decreased costs associated with recruiting and hiring
  • Access to labour trend data to prepare for the future of work 
  • Opportunities for collaboration and influence on new learning experiences
  • Access to workforce learning solutions, like nanocredential and microcredential programs



What this means for job-seekers and learners:


  • Access to workforce data to understand essential and competitive job-ready skills 
  • Access to affordable, flexible, and competency-based digital learning solutions 
  • New models of financing training to address barriers for equity-deserving communities 
  • Opportunities to network with learners in the same industry  

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