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// What Are
Skills Gaps?

Many organizations struggle to find individuals with the skills they need, either due to a lack of qualified candidates or an inability to connect with them. To help meet the demand for qualified candidates, TALENT equips professionals with industry-focused skills and ensures employers know exactly where to find them.

Stats About Skills Gaps

Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to evaluate the legitimacy and quality of training and education programs. In response, portfolio approaches (including e-portfolios), “badging platforms,” hackathons and work-integrated learning are increasingly being used by employers to assess competencies.

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adults in Canada participate in formal and non-formal learning
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Canadian adults spent per week in non-formal learning

// Master The Skills That Matter

Learners are always in high demand. Whether you’re a student weighing your career options, or an experienced professional reimagining your career path, TALENT helps you identify the skills you need to get ahead and master them in the way you want.
Welcome to the ‘Age of Analytics’. Learn how to make data-driven decisions — a powerful skillset that will impact business strategy for years to come.
TALENT's dementia care microcredentials equip healthcare workers with the necessary skills to provide exceptional patient-centred care.
Exceptional customer experience is no longer the exception — it's the rule. In the digital economy, mastering Customer Experience (CX) Design will set you apart.
Proficiency in cloud-based computing is a foundational skill for the modern economy. Master the basics of Microsoft Azure’s versatile cloud platform and benefit from its many applications.
Landing the jobs of tomorrow — including machine learning, AI, and big data — means learning the foundational data analytics skills today.
Technology is transforming how we work, live, and learn. Gain the skills needed to guide digital transformations across a range of industries.
Campaigns, customer journeys, SEO, and SEM. Learn the skills needed to launch a versatile career in digital marketing.
The energy sector is rapidly evolving and project delivery and efficient operations are vital to the future of energy development.
International TALENT Program (ITP) provides international students the tools and opportunities to find employment with Canada’s top employers.
A suite of mental health skills-verified courses developed in partnership with Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences.
TALENT's dementia care microcredentials equip healthcare workers with the necessary skills to provide exceptional patient-centred care.
As we move further into the fourth industrial revolution, effective Product Management is critical to closing the skills gap between technical knowledge and business acumen.
Software development has grown into one of the global workforce's most sought after skills, irrespective of the sector. Learn the foundations for a thriving career in digital technology.

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