Introduction to Business Analytics

Explores data-driven decision making — a powerful skill set that will inform business strategy for years to come

Who is this for?

The Business Analytics skills-verified course is designed to provide a learning pathway for those seeking business analyst and data analytics roles, as well as for current or aspiring professionals across all sectors that increasingly rely upon data analysis to perform aspects of their job roles. For example, this could include engineering professionals assessing large volumes of testing data, through to policy or healthcare professionals assessing the efficacy of different policy approaches.


Introduces data analytics as a business discipline and refreshes fundamental statistical techniques, before enabling you to complete exploratory data analysis on structured and unstructured data sets utilizing spreadsheet tools such as Microsoft Excel and SQL. Learners will also be introduced to databases including SQL to manage multiple complex data sets. The associated deliverables will introduce diagnostic analytics and develop more advanced Excel skills as a key digital literacy in the modern economy.


Developed in collaboration with Tableau

Instructional Offerings

TALENT has developed three instructional offerings to accommodate your unique learning styles and life commitments.


Self-paced over 3 months


Self-paced over 3 months
All features in Self-Paced

Learner Benefits

Fundamental statistical techniques
Exploratory data analysis & diagnostic analysis
Structured and unstructured data sets
Introduction to databases
Manage complex data sets using SQL
Advanced Excel skills

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the course start?

    Self-paced and hybrid courses start on the day you receive your log-in (typically 48 hours after registration).
  • How much time is required of me?

    They typically require between 8 and 10 hours a week of course work. For Facilitator- led, there is one hour a week of on-line instruction from the facilitator.
  • Do I have to show up for class?

    Attendance during facilitated time is highly recommended as it provides the most value with time to learn from industry experts, network with classmates, and deeper understanding of content. However, attendance is not mandatory and all sessions are recorded and posted afterwards.
  • How am I evaluated?

    There are weekly multiple choice questions that will guide your learning progress then learners are given a final assignment where they will apply their learning to a practical assignment. A facilitator will evaluate the final assignment and award a digital badge if the final assignement is completed successfully.
  • How long is the course?

    Typically 6 weeks long with 6-8 hours a week of course work. Self-paced and hybrid learners have the flexibility to complete over three months at their own pace.
  • Will this skills-verified course get me a job?

    They are a great way to differenciate yourself when searching for a job. The digital badge can be added to social platforms and resumes to demonstate your skills. TALENT works closely with learners to guide and advise on learner's career journeys.
  • Is there any financial assistance?

    We never want finances to be a reason why learners can't improve their skills and gain meaningful employment. If you have any questions about financial assistance, please reach out to us directly (

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