Cybersecurity for Energy

This microcredential provides essential knowledge related to critical cyber security concepts and practices for Canada’s energy sector.



Individuals (non trades) working in the energy sector who need to develop fundamental skills and competency in cybersecurity but do NOT work in specialized cybersecurity job roles.

Course Description

Protecting Canada’s energy sector from cyber threats is of critical, national importance. Speaking in August of 2021, The Honourable Seamus O’Regan Jr, then Minister of Natural Resources said,

“Our lives have become increasingly digital which means the security threats we face are also becoming digital. We’re investing in cutting-edge technologies with universities and industry leaders to protect Canada’s energy sector from cyber threats and keep our critical infrastructure secure.”

The job of protecting Canada’s energy sector from these threats is the responsibility of every individual working in the sector.

Developing fundamental skills and competency in cybersecurity has become a ‘basic digital literacy’ for the 21st century. Begin your journey to acquiring these critical skills with our Cybersecurity for Energy microcredential, designed in partnership with expert practitioners working in the sector.


What You'll Learn

Effectively engage in fundamental cybersecurity practices
Independently identify common security threats
Adopt preventive and responsive measures
Navigate the cyber security risk landscape
Implement common tools and resources to limit cybersecurity risks
Demonstrate awareness of the legal and regulatory implications related to cyber security in Canada’s energy sector

Frequently Asked Questions

This microcredentials requires 20 hours total, which includes course work and time with the skills coach.
Hybrid learners have the flexibility to complete the microcredential over three months at their own pace.
Skills coaches are industry professionals that learners have access to throughout their hybrid microcredential. Learners progress through the microcredential at their own pace and book time with their skills coach when they have questions, need guidance, or need industry context to their course work.
What makes a TALENT microcredential different is the final assessment. There are weekly multiple choice questions that will guide your learning progress then learners are given a final assignment where they will apply their learning to a practical assignment. A facilitator will evaluate the final assignment and award a digital badge if the final assignment is completed successfully.
Microcredentials are a great way to differentiate yourself when searching for a job. The digital badge can be added to social platforms and resumes to demonstrate your skills. TALENT works closely with learners to guide and advise on learner's career journeys.

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