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Talent is a learning provider that works in close partnership with students and employers to assess skills gaps and develop products (co-designed verifiable microcredentials) tailored to the evolving needs of learners and employers.

A microcredential is a certification of assessed learning associated with a specific skill or competency. Microcredentials enable skills development and reskilling opportunities in a shorter period of time than most traditional education methods. Our microcredential badges are issued after a learners skills have been verified

You’re not alone and we’re here to help. Our learners are diverse with a wide range of microcredential experience. Some have never taken an online course in their lives and others are extremely well versed (serial microcredential’ers is perhaps what we should call them). Because of this, we encourage microcredentials as a great way to begin your skills journey. It’s never too early (or too late) to begin. Not sure if this is for you? Contact our Customer Success Manager.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the requirements and learning outcomes
  2. Register
  3. Participate and be present
  4. Interact with your facilitator and peers
  5. Complete your final skills verification activity (as applicable)
  6. We’ll verify your skills and issue your digital badge

Our courses range in duration from 3 days to 6 weeks, with the majority being 6 weeks. Be sure to review the descriptions of each of our microcredentials to confirm.

Simply click on the listing you’re interested in.

TALENT has no admission requirements. Our microcredentials do not offer academic credit. Instead we offer skill verification through our rigorous, multi-stage verification process which provides learners and employers with confidence that once awarded one of TALENT’s verified microcredentials the recipient can demonstrate the skill with confidence!

We accept the following major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard

Yes, a receipt will be sent to your email address upon completion of payment

Yes, you have until the end of the the fifth day (‘Day 5’ of the course). Simply email us with your refund request and we will process it back to your original method of payment within 7 business days. It’s that simple!

Start and end dates are located at the top of each microcredential listing.

We are working on 1-pagers that are perfect for sharing with employers, peers, etc. Contact our Customer Success Manager so we can share with you as soon as they are available.

In the meantime, you can direct them to listing of the microcredential you are interested in for more information.

The key role of a facilitator is to enhance the social learning experience. To provide support, guidance and encouragement, and with their industry expertise, bring ‘real-life relevance’ to your learning experience during the course material. A great facilitator, will not teach the content, but stimulate curiosity, interaction and collaboration. TALENT has carefully selected Facilitators with a high-degree of expertise in their subject area, and who has demonstrated experience to lead others in discussion and learning.

Each microcredential will include a series of small activities, quizzes, and independently completed activities. There are typically only 2 or 3 main activities to complete, and these include exact requirements, a rubric that shows how your sklls will be verfified, and a formal deadline to submit/upload your activities for feedback.
Your microcredential Facilitator will be responsible for the verfication of your skills using the posted activity criteria, and evaluation rubric.
Each microcredential includes a breakdown of the required skills verification activities in the course overview and welcome section information, which is where you’ll get started in your learning. The activities include criteria to be successful, such as rubrics for evaluation, and the marking scheme to pass. You will need to adhere to all deadlines posted, and ensure you are meeting the learning outcomes of the course. Your Facilitator will be able to answer questions about the activities, and will be responsible for the verification of your skills towards earning your digital badge.

All TALENT microcredentials are housed within our Learning Management System, Canvas, to which learners have access once registered.

Note: Learners will not be granted access to learning materials until the date on which their microcredential is scheduled to start).

Once you have registered and paid for the microcredential, you will receive an automated system email from Instructure Canvas LMS with a link to access Canvas using the email address you entered during registration and payment. After your first login, and on subsequent logins, you can use the ‘Forgot Password’ link to automatically generate a new temporary password, and follow the email instructions to set your own customized password, if you wish to do so.

The Instructure Canvas Community provides in-depth knowledge of all features and tools you will experience while using Canvas during your learning experience. Canvas LMS also provides a free to download Android/iOS app for mobile devices to access the course site and material. There are also many video guides and tutorials available in the Canvas Community under ‘Student Guides.’

You can email your Facilitator for help. You can also contact your Customer Success Manager for help if you are not currently in a course.

TALENT’s recommended technology requirements mirror that of our parent company, Ontario Tech University, found here.

  1. Basic computer literacy
  2. Reliable internet connection (see recommended Technology requirements)
  3. Proficiency in English
The microcredential will be presented in a series of modules with a typical expectation of completing one module per week. Each module is organized in sequence, and will take you through readings on the topic, videos and other supplementary exercises, discussion topic questions for the class to reflect on their thinking, and short quizzes to spot-check your understanding. The microcredential will always include a major skills verification activity that we will be completed by the end of the microcredentials, and this will be used by the Facilitator to veriifty your skill development before issuing our digital badge.

Yes. Each microcredential has included weekly in-class sessions which are held online by the Facilitator. These are typically one hour in length, and will require you to be online with a headset, microphone and optional webcam. You are strongly encouraged to attend, and participate with the other learners. Live sessions like these are a fantastic way to engage with the content each week, and to connect with other learners along with the Facilitator who will have prepared materials and topics for discussion each week.

In-class vs independent learning, blend of office hours and live sessions

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